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Direct Wholesale Partnership & Development Program


“Our industry is not just about quality coffee, our industry is also about people.

By sharing modern techniques, technology and resources, together we can create new flavour experiences, but more importantly a more sustainable cup of coffee”.

- John Gordon, Gorilla Gear, World Barista Championship 2018 Finalist -


Dear Coffee lovers,

                                We are excited to announce our direct wholesale partnership & development program, our aim for this program is to build personal relationships with coffee companies and fulfil the requirements and necessities around grinders and grinding coffee.


Through our direct program, we can work with you to get the best out of your grinder and provide you with our current product range of burrs at wholesale pricing, No more distributor markups means that a higher quality product now becomes more affordable and sustainable for your business.

Furthermore, if we don’t currently stock what you need we would like to work with you to get you what you want without it costing an arm and a leg, With our development program we can look into alternative coatings and cutting styles

( MOQ apply for custom products ).


Our current range of burrs consists of the following that have now been in the market globally with great success.


Gorilla Gear Mythos Black - For Mythos Clima pro or similar ( 75mm )

Gorilla Gear EK 43 Black G4 - For Mahlkonig EK 43 ( 98mm )

Gorilla Gear Robur/Kold Black - For Mazzer Robur/Kold single phase or similar ( 71mm )


All our burrs are Pre-seasoned as standard, eliminating run in times and wasted coffee for seasoning. Our current burrs have shown a dramatic decrease in grinder operating temperatures that has lead to less frequent grind adjustments in busy periods, reduced static and greater consistency in dosing.


Very soon we are also releasing new versions of our EK 43 range, this will include the following,


  • EK 43 Black C4 ( the previous EK 43 Black G4 will now be known as EK 43 Black T4, T for Turkish style fine grinding and C for Coffee/Filter style courser grinding with a larger exit )

  • EK 43 Silverback T4 & C4 ( Silverback is an alternative coating that is harder than the black but with a higher surface friction rating )

  • EK 43 RAW T4 & C4 ( RAW is an uncoated version and will have a reduced price, however, it will not carry the same qualities as the Black/Silverback )


We understand our minimum order quantities for some businesses can be difficult and we are willing to work with you to ensure our partnership program is long term, if your cash flow is tight we also offer a contract based purchasing program.


The purchasing program offers you the best pricing with a custom agreement that suits your companies needs, this means you can purchase the MOQ of 10 or 20+ over an agreed period and only pay as you receive the number you require at the time.


To start a long-term relationship with Gorilla Gear all you need to do is fill out this online form          ( CLICK HERE )

and we will get back to you straight away to discuss your needs and how we can work together.


We look forward to creating long-term relationships with great people.