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Gorilla Gear EK 43 BLACK T4

( Espresso/Coffee )

The EK 43 has been the modern go-to grinder
for filter coffee & single dose espresso for a little while now, Coffee pro’s have been tweaking & modifying them, painting & printing custom dials
to individualise & push the boundaries of coffee brewing.
It was only a matter of time before it was taken a step further. 

The Gorilla Gear Black G4 for the EK 43 are fully machined creating an even and smooth surface from start to finish.
The G4 refers to the 4 pre-breaking teeth that aids in breaking down the coffee faster and easier, allowing the finishing area of the burr to deal with smaller sections of coffee and reducing the force needed to grind the coffee.


As we continue to evolve, learn and grow so will our products. We endeavour to provide the coffee industry with as much information as possible about the benefits of our products and will continue to build this library with the aim of making coffee tastier.


All Gorilla Gear burrs are pre-seasoned during the manufacturing process.
Once pre-seasoned they are hardened and then treated with a low friction coating to drastically reduce surface friction. This aids in reducing equipment operating temperature, static and excessive heat.



The life of you burrs is important and as well as using a high-quality tooling steel all our burrs are also hardened.


Hardness - HV ( Vickers Pyramid Number )


Standard Steel Burrs - 800 HV

Gorilla Gear Black Burrs - 2,500 - 3,000 HV


Through thorough testing, we have been able to gain higher extractions and clarity in the cup through reducing surface friction. Our low friction coating is the final stage of production and also gives our burrs a stunning black finish.

Friction Factor Comparison

Standard Steel Burrs - 0.8-1.0

Gorilla Gear Black Burrs - 0.1


For the best results, we recommend installing our burrs using the following method.


or using the alignment tool by Titus Grinding, available by emailing HERE